Sometimes Android wireless pairing from Device Manager UI does not work. This may happen because of WIFI network settings, which are not under our control (i.e. co-working space, cafe, hotel).

A fix that may work is using the adb CLI commands for manual pairing.

  1. Go to phone Settings->Developer Options->Wireless Debugging and click Pair device with pairing code.

  2. A dialog shows Pair Code plus device IP address and port.

Note that IP:PORT in this dialog is different from your local device IP:PORT reported on the previous screen. We’ll use the other one later. For pairing we use must use this one in the Dialog window.

  1. Open terminal on development computer and type:
adb pair IP:PORT
  1. Enter Pairing Code displayed on your phone screen. Pairing should succeed.

  2. Now connect to the device by using the other port number displayed before the Pairing dialog popup.

adb connect IP:PORT

Now phone should be paired successfully with the dev computer.