The following post may be helpful to resolve the 10002 RESULT_SIGN_IN_FAILED error.

If you have changed or pre-installed your development machine and have installed a fresh Android Studio version, you’ll have a new debug.keystore created by the Android Studio installation.

The apps that are started directly from the IDE during development will no longer be signed with keys registered with Google Play Services. This is no issue if the app doesn’t use Google Play Services like Sign-in, Leaderboards or Achievements, but if it does, these functionalities will no longer work and you may get the 10002 RESULT_SIGN_IN_FAILED error.

There are two possible resolutions to the problem.

Solution 1: Move your old debug.keystore

Copy and replace your new Android Studio debug.keystore with your old one from your previous computer. For Linux/Mac machines it’s located in ~/.android/debug.keystore

Solution 2: Register your new debug.keystore with Google

Get the SHA-1 fingerprint of your new Android Studio debug.keystore and register it with the Google API console.

Type in the following command with the path to your Android Studio debug.keystore:

keytool -keystore /path/to/debug.keystore -list -v

Copy the SHA-1 fingerprint from the output and visit Select your application project, click the Credentials link on the menu and create new OAuth client credentials. Follow the steps and paste your SHA-1 fingerprint, name the new client, save, and you should no longer see the error.